Advanced Kit


Self screening test for 6 of the most commonly diagnosed STD’s.

Chlamydia | Gonorrhoea | HIV | Syphilis | Hepatitis B | Hepatitis C

Product is posted in a discreet, plain white package.


Advanced Kit FAQ

What are you testing for?

With the Advanced Kit we test for all the most commonly diagnosed STD’s.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea are two of the most commonly diagnosed STD’s. Both are bacterial infections which are easily curable if detected. Unfortunately many people with these infections go undiagnosed due to lack of symptoms and this can lead to long term problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility.

Syphilis is a bacterial infection that can cause widespread systemic problems if left untreated. Thankfully Syphilis can be cured with appropriate treatment.

Viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis can shorten your life if left untreated. Many people now manage to live healthy lives with these conditions as long as they receive appropriate treatment.

When to get tested?

We advise that you wait 2 weeks after potential exposure so the result will be accurate.

Is the test Accurate?

Our doctors have carefully chosen an accredited laboratory with experience in STD testing to analyse your sample. The results are as accurate as testing in a GP surgery or hospital STD clinic.

What does the test entail?

You will receive our discrete unbranded package in the post. It is designed to fit through your letter box. The kit will include all the necessary equipment and instructions to carry out the test. In the case of Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea testing we require a simple urine test only. You can return your sample using the prepaid envelope provided.

Who will review my tests?

Our Registered Doctors will review your results and interpret them appropriately. The results will be available through your online account.

What happens if i test positive?

In the event of a positive result our Doctors will arrange appropriate management that is agreeable to you. This may require a simple prescription faxed to the pharmacy of your choice or a referral to a specialist centre which we can arrange. We will also allow you the opportunity to avail of a same day consultation with one of our Doctors.

Can i delete my account?

Yes. Once you have reviewed your results you have the option of requesting to fully delete your account from our system.